Sunday, August 12, 2007

Scenes From The San Jose Jazz Festival

FP took a trip down to downtown San Jose to catch the 18th edition of the San Jose Jazz Festival. Much like the previous years, the festival was sponsored by moneybags galore (one stage being brought to you by Adobe), and an orgy of kettle corn stands, bead shops, and kabob booths littered the 13 square downtown blocks dedicated to the festival.

This all helped pay for a bill of more than 50 acts over the festival's 3 days for only $15. And there weren't any slouches performing either. Whether it was the rhythmic agility of Conjunto Karabali, the visceral lead lines of bluesman J.C. Smith, or the chromatic freakouts of trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos under the cool grooves of Larry Vukovich and Chuck McPherson, what you got was tight, good grooves that either made you dance, or think. Even the Folsom High School Big Band was in top form.

Here are some shots taken from FP's time at the festival:
Two dancers enjoying the beat of Karabali.

J.C. Smith searches for the perfrect note.

Headhunters percussionist Bill Summers gets into the groove.

Trumpeter Gilbert Castellano, in the middle of a marathon solo.

The Realistic Orchestra kicks off their set.

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